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Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is Niklas Weber, I am 24 years old and I´m a nature photographer, filmmaker, storyteller and conservationist from Germany. Already as a child I was very interested in nature. Besides, I was allowed to grow up in a small village with two dogs and two cats, so I've always been in very close contact with animals. Otherwise, my life was quite ordinary until 2012. I played handball in a club, met my  friends and I graduated from school. Then I started my training as an industrial mechanic. But as if by a flash of inspiration, my life changed abruptly.


I wanted to learn to photograph, so I bought a reflex camera from my first salary.

Gradually I discovered nature photography for me. First and foremost, I just photographed landscapes, where I always wanted to create new perspectives, often I wanted to use even longer exposure times, even deeper, more wide-angled and even closer.

But after some time I also wanted to photograph animals in the wild. I started by photographing birds, deer and foxes on my doorstep, which was absolutely new to me. I had to learn to camouflage myself and get a feeling for the wild animals.

A short time later I traveled to Costa Rica for the first time. After only a few hours of traveling in Costa Rica, I was absolutely thrilled with nature, biodiversity and the awesome people. I was so excited about this country, that I wanted to show it to everyone, this was how my live reportage COSTA RICA was born.


In the summer of 2018, I won National Geographic's Travel Photographer of the Year Peoples Choice Award in the category Nature with my drone shot "Formation" of the sharp-mouthed crocodiles from Costa Rica.


A month later I fulfilled a childhood dream and traveled to the west coast of Canada in the Great Bear Rainforest. There I was on my way with a tent, my Zodiac and my camera equipment for six weeks. I discovered wonderful untouched areas and met some of the biggest and sexiest animals of this earth, like killer whales, humpback whales, white-tailed eagles, coastal wolves and many more amazing animals! Among them were unique encounters that I could not even have dreamed about!


One of these encounters was the absolutely greatest experience I have ever had with a wild animal. A female wolf came to me on a lonely beach up to ten feet (see picture below), she was totally relaxed, as if it was the most normal thing on earth. My heart was beating like crazy, adrenaline rushed through my veins, not because I was scared, but because I knew that this moment was something very special! She trusted me completely and I trusted her! I haven´t heard about such an encounter with a wild coastal wolf ever before.

It was the journey of my life and I can´t wait for it to start again in 2019, back into the wild!

The new live reportage about this trip is expected to be available in autumn 2021.


2018 to 2019 I traveled to Costa Rica for the third time, among other things I dived there with hundreds of hammerhead sharks on the Isla del Coco, which was absolutely amazing. In the rainforests of Costa Rica, I went in search of his spirits, the pumas. I came across a Puma family, a mother with three cubs. I was the first in this area who was able to photograph a complete family. During my search I spent Christmas with the Ticos, got to know their culture better and helped Operation Rich Coast to clean the beaches of Costa Rica from single use plastic like plastic bottles.


In recent years, I have not only photographed in Costa Rica, Canada and Germany, but also in Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, Italy, Croatia and Indonesia.

I present my best pictures in my portfolio.


But I do not want to keep my knowledge and experience to myself, so I pass it on to social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram under the name Photo Niklas.


Well, enough of the many words, look around on my website, check out my portfolio and feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions or offers of any kind.

My Equipment


Cameras: Sony Alpha 9, Sony Alpha 7M3, Sony Alpha 7, DJI Mavic Pro, GoPro 5 & 6.

Lenses: Zeiss Batis 18mm F/2.8, Sony 50mm F/1.8, Sony 28-70mm, Sony 70-200mm F/2.8, Sony 200-600mm, Sony 2x Teleconverter.


- Nauticam underwater camera housing for Sony Alpha 7M3 with the Zeiss Batis 18mm F/2.8 Lens.

- Bear Box camera housing, manufactured in cooperation with Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG for Sony Alpha 7 with the Zeiss Batis 18mm F/2.8 or the Sony 28-70mm lens.

- Camera trap with PIR Motion Sensor V3 from Camtraption and three remote-controlled Nikon SB-28 flashes. Camera can be chosen arbitrarily. Either Nikon D3200 with 18-105mm lens, or Sony Alpha 7 with 28-70mm lens.



I am very grateful and happy that I have sponsors who provide me with the necessary equipment and the right software. This allows me to capture unique moments and later reproduce them on the stage in the highest quality.

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