COSTA RICA - Paradise between two continents

I was on a very special mission. Three times I traveled through Costa Rica, that state of Central America, that provides a quarter of its land under protection. The common thread running through all tours was the search for the wild animals and breathtaking landscapes.


In doing so, I spared no effort, dived into one of the most exciting underwater landscapes of the country at the Isla del Coco, explored the deep sea in a special submarine, visited the largest mangrove area in Latin America, drove over the bumpy gravel roads to the famous cloud forests in which I am in search of their spirits, as the Costa Ricans like to call their big cats, the Pumas. The goal of my trips were also the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica.



On top of that I flew with the bush plane in one of the remotest areas of the Pacific coast and went through the gigantic river landscape to the Tortuguero National Park by boat.

But I was also constantly looking for contact to the warm people of Costa Rica, the Ticos. I spent the Christmas holidays with a lovely family and was in the middle of the Costa Ricans trying to liberate their beaches from plastic garbage in a nationwide campaign.


Always close to the exotic animals, I will tell you in captivating stories of ape thieves, poisonous pitfalls and shy buzzards, which allowed me to get closer to several meters, face to face with crocodiles and sharks and much more.


I invite you to a fascinating picture journey through Costa Rica on water, on land, underwater and from the air!

What viewers say about the lecture: (translated from German into English)

Marcus B.: “Hi Niklas, I was last Friday at your talk about Costa Rica in the Globetrotter in Leipzig. I thought your lecture was really great, you really did very well, how you linked nature, environmental awareness, history and tips. Furthermore, I think you showed pictures very spectacularly and integrated them very well into your stories! ”

Marcello S.: "Thanks for the great impressions! Even if we won't see so many animals on our upcoming Costa Rica trip, it made us curious about to see more. Very cool."

Kristin L.: "Hello Niklas, I was in FN yesterday at the Costa Rica lecture! It was really great and I am amazed at how great you can get it across at just 22 years old. I'm looking forward to news from you! "

Bernd and Sonja W.: "Your photographs and films have inspired us to go to Costa Rica one more time after 10 trips to Costa Rica."

Brigitte S.: “We saw the lecture in Holzgerlingen and were really impressed! I have rarely seen such great photos. You are really a talent! "